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June 2011
A little update - Work is currently progressing well with cleaning down the chassis and frames with about 95% cleaned and primed. A new cab floor has been fabricated and welded into place. Work has continued on repairing the cab with all the rotten plate cut out and new currently being welded in place. Once repaired a little space can be created in the workshop by placing it back on the new cab floor.
The next main job will be to prepare the wheel sets and bearings to go off for turning and repair. The boiler is currently still in storage at a group members garden until funds are raised or we gain a volunteer capable of boiler repairs. Working parties currently continue on Wednesday nights any willing help would be greatly appreciated or if anyone is available during Monday to Friday there is access to the Loco in Shildon.
February 2011


 The latest:

  • Main Bronze axle Bearings - there is a problem with one bearing on the rear axle, which is worn
  • Journal - same axle opposite side to the above is marked where water got in, it needs to be turned and this will have to be done as soon as possible.
  • The connecting rod brass bearings are in good condition
  • Slide bars - no wear at all and the cylinders are in very good condition
  • All of the above, have been inspected by Richard Campbell
  • Neil Woods has checked the tyre profiles, which are ok.
  • We need to measure the circumference of the tyres to make sure they exactly the same.
  • Roy Hatcher has ultra sounded the axles on Norwood and the brake van - all were passed and certificated. We have finished removing the parts that we need to and the main task now is to clean the chassis and check for cracks and then applying primer to protect it from rusting.
  • We are also working on the repair of the cab. We have removed the back panel from the coalbunker to get in to repair the bottom of the bunker so that we can replace the steel that was eaten away from years of carrying coal.



July 2010

Work is progressing well on striping down No77. The boiler has now been removed from it's frames, which are to be lifted in the next week and wheel sets removed. Quotations and estimates have been received for work on No77's boiler with no great supprises. It was always known that a new boiler barrel and tube plate would be required due to heavy pitting. The firebox is in relatively good condition requiring stay replacement and some minor welding. The estimated cost to undertake the repairs is in the region of £60k. Fundraising has been underway for some time though we desperately need your support to complete the project. Regular progress photographs will be added to the following webpage -


Over the next few weeks the aims are to remove the wheel sets to gain access to  the wheel bearings. These will be sent off to be reprofiled and for white metal inserts. Work will also continue on cleaning down the chassis and various components. If you would like to get involved Monday to Friday please contact Dave on 01388 77138 or 01388 811097 (evenings). There is access to work on No77 all week!! We also have a wednesday night working party between 5pm and 8pm, call in and see us!

No77's Boiler leaves site to go into storage until sufficent funds are raised to return to steam